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A different approach

to singing.

Your singers will be free to sing.

By using their whole bodies, your choir will gain a basis for healthy technique, freedom of expression, and a secure choral sound.

Singers learn to sing better
by learning to move better.

Choral Mapping is a supplemental curriculum for all choirs from middle school through adult. Using the principles of Body Mapping, singers will systematically, through a series of lessons, learn to attend to the movements of singing. By learning to sing with their whole bodies, choirs will gain a secure choral sound, freedom of expression, and a basis for healthy technique. 

Welcome to Choral Mapping

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Your singers will be free to sing

Singing is a physical activity. Using the whole body effectively and learning to move from a place of balance improves standing, sitting and breathing. Choral Mapping teaches the body to respond freely to postural muscles, thereby freeing the voice. Students can then use this balance in their every day life when walking, climbing stairs, lifting heavy objects, etc.

A Singing Problem is a
Movement Problem

Choral Mapping is based on the science of Body Mapping. Neuroscientists are currently researching the way that the body maps in our brains affect our movement. Singing is movement. If you want to sing better you must address the  movements of singing.

What Our Subscribers Say

Jennifer Kerr-Budziak,

Director of Women's Chorus, Loyola University, Chicago

It feels as though I have spent a huge portion of my life as a professional musician dealing with tension, pain, stiff shoulders, tendinitis, and all kinds of bodily aches. I thought that was just part of being a musician. Until last summer, when Bridget Jankowski, sat down with me one day and taught me more about this remarkable practice. .Our conversation quite literally changed almost everything for me about the way I conduct, the way I sing, the way I teach, and the way I work with my own choruses; it is truly amazing.

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