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“Learning accurate information about the body in movement is the most efficient way to teach musical skills”

WEM, revised edition

PLEASE NOTE: There is an efficient way to teach musical skills!

What musical skills specifically?

For starters: articulation, dynamics, phrasing, tone, but the list is much longer.

Why does learning about the body make teaching these skills more efficient?

Because we move our body to make music. Music is a result of movement. Musicians move. We can not do any of these things without moving.

Science has proven that body maps govern our movement: we can not change movement without addressing the body maps that govern it. Hence, the importance of this work.

Assimilate accurate information about the body (correct and refine the body map), and the movement will change. That's the science. Making these changes becomes about the way we think and notice, not the hours we practice.

Addressing musical skills from a movement perspective takes practice. Through the study of Body Mapping you can develop a mindset to approach musical skills this way.

  1. Acknowledge and recognize the necessary movement.

  2. Clarify the body map that governs it.

  3. Use your kinesthetic sense to notice the change in the movement and let your whole body respond.

  4. Enjoy a new ease and efficiency in playing or singing.

Happy mapping!!

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