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Choral Mapping Lessons

The Choral Mapping curriculum consists of two Units with a total of sixteen lessons. Each lesson includes a teachers manual with an objective, explorations and suggested ways to evaluate the students.  More videos which will suggest and guide even more explorations are being created and will be added to the curriculum as soon as they become available.

Sample Lessons

These lesson excerpts will introduce you to the curriculum. Feel free to share them. 

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UNIT 1 - The Core of the Body and the Places of Balance 

Introduction to Body Mapping (entire video lesson)

An introduction to the concept of Body Mapping: what it is and how it works. This includes an explanation of the kinesthetic sense and its importance in understanding and improving the movement of singing.

Lesson 1-3 The Hip Joint and Rockers

(video lesson excerpt) 

The hip joint is the center of our body from top to bottom. Understanding the movement of the torso and the legs at this joint is necessary for understanding balance of the body while sitting. 

Lesson 2-1 Mapping the Air Passages

(video lesson excerpt) 


A kinesthetic awareness of the air passages, with proper mapping of nose and mouth, will help students monitor the amount and the speed of the air on inhalation. 

Lesson 1-1 The Spine

(video lesson excerpt)


The spine is the central support for the body. An understanding of the spine is the foundation for good movement throughout the body. Therefore, it is foundational for support in singing.

Lesson 1-4 Balance on the Lumbar Spine 

(video lesson excerpt) 

Understanding balance over the front of the lumbar spine, and coordinating this balance with movement at the hip joint and balance at the A-O joint is key to buoyancy in moving, sitting and standing. 

Lesson 2-5 Rib Movement 

(video lesson excerpt) 

Mapping rib joints and movement is essential to controlling the release of air.

Lesson 1-2 Balance at the
A-O Joint

(video lesson excerpt)

The Atlanto Occipital Joint (A-O Joint) is where the head balances on top of the spine. It is the first place of balance in the curriculum. Balance here provides a dramatic improvement in tone and resonance.

UNIT 2 - The Structures and Movement of Breathing


Licensed Body Mapping Educator Lea Perason offers brief introduction to this Unit.

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