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What Every Musician Course

The six-hour course - On Line

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  • 125 US dollars

What You Will Learn

A six-hour course designed to set participants on a path of self­-evaluation and change by discovering and refining their body map. The course is based on the premise that movement is required for making music. Musicians must become aware of their movements and think of both their music and themselves from a movement perspective. Body maps exist in our brains and govern our movement. If one’s body map is accurate, movement is easy and efficient; if inaccurate, movement is inefficient, often uncomfortable and can potentially result in injury. SECTION ONE: ABOUT MOVEMENT, YOUR SENSES, AND ATTENTION IN PLAYING and SINGING Training musicians’ movement by cultivating an accurate and adequate Body Map. Training sensory discernment and responsiveness. Training attention. SECTION TWO: THE CORE OF THE BODY AND THE PLACES OF BALANCE The spine; the balance of the head on the spine; the balance of the head and thorax on the lumbar vertebrae; the balance of the torso on the legs; balance at the knee; balance at the ankle; balance on the arch of the foot; and the balance of the arm structure. SECTION THREE: YOUR FOUR ARM JOINTS AND HOW TO USE THEM The four main arm joints; the organization of the arm; support for arm movement. SECTION FOUR: THE MOVEMENT OF BREATHING Mapping the structures of breathing and the movement of breathing, including a dynamic core. SECTION FIVE: YOUR LEGS AND HOW THEY MOVE AS YOU PLAY The three leg joints; the organization of the musculature; support for leg movement by a dynamic core; dynamic leg movement as support for playing. SECTION SIX: HOW TO Individual work with instruments.

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1236 Weathervane Lane, Akron, OH, USA

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